Which Imatest charts support automatic detection?

The best experience with Imatest comes when it can automatically detect targets. This allows for tests to be automated and improves the efficiency and repeatability of your testing workflow (see following sections).

Targets with special autodetection

  • SFRplus—requires bars on top and bottom of chart to be present in the image

  • 24-patch X-Rite Colorchecker—Works best without extreme distortion

  • Checkerboard—We can detect square areas of checkerboards that are not excessively bloomed or blurred

  • Rezchecker—We can detect the version of this target with 4 dots

  • Dot pattern 

Targets detected with four or more registration marks

Imatest plans to implement Colorchecker SG autodetection in a future release. Note that we will not perform autodetection for the Obsolete ISO 12233:2000 target because it can easily produce invalid results. 

If you have a target you would like to be automatically detected, please open an issue on the Imatest Help Center