Imatest Ultimate: Activating Imatest IT along with Imatest Master

An Imatest license code can be configured to work for one or more Imatest product (Master, and IT).  Typically IT is activated on automated test equipment, while Master is activated on an imaging engineers workstation.

If you intend to use two products on the same machine, such as Master+IT, or IT, then you will need a single license code that combines these products together.

Imatest Ultimate combines both IT and Master into a single license. You can upgrade your license to ultimate for less than the cost of purchasing a separate IT license.

To combine an Imatest Master and Imatest IT code together into an Imatest Ultimate license code, Please contact with the two license codes that you intend to use on the same workstation. You will need to de-activate the licenses, and they should have similar support expiration dates, or the earlier date will be used.  We will inform you when the combined code is ready to be activated.