Artograph LightPad® LX Series – Operational Guide

PLEASE NOTE:  Imatest no longer carries Artograph products.  Click here for support from Artograph.

This post is meant to help with the correct setup and operation of the new Artograph LightPad® LX series. Due to this issue Imatest no longer offers this product and instead recommends the Imatest Light Panel.

LightPad® LX vs Classic

The classic LightPads, which were operated with an on/off switch, have been discontinued by Autograph. At full brightness, the new LX series outperforms its predecessor with a more neutral, and brighter source of white light. However, the LX model has a dimming feature which utilizes Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). While imperceptible to the human eye, PWM causes flickering which is unsuitable for digital imaging.

LX LightPads must be turned to full brightness to avoid flickering!

Setting the LightPad® LX to full brightness

  • The correct power adapter must be used for proper functionality

  • To turn the LightPad on, tap the touch-sensitive power button on the upper right of the front face.

  • The LightPad will return to the brightness level it was set to when turned off.

  • Holding the power button will cause the brightness level to change.

  • If at full brightness, holding the power button will decrease the light level until its lowest setting is reached.

  • If at the lowest setting, holding the power button again will increase the light level until maximum brightness is reached. 

  • If the power button is released at mid-brightness, holding the power button again will cause the light level to continue in the same direction.

  • Flickering will occur at every light level below the maximum setting.

  • Full brightness can be verified by pointing a digital camera or mobile phone at the device. There should be no apparent banding in the image.

  • At lower brightness levels, banding in the image will be apparent in digital images.

  • Below full brightness, a buzzing noise can also be heard from the power adapter.

  • While you might not be able to see pulsing light with the naked eye, you can actually hear the frequency of the LED driver turning on and off!

Switching Between Brightness Settings on the Artograph LightPad LX 930