INI File Default Location

Imatest stores a number of utility files in a directory created upon installation. This location is where the default INI file is stored (users may later redirect Imatest software to source from a different INI file), and thus is often referred to as the default INI file folder.

Imatest needs read/write permission to this directory location at runtime to operate. 

Folder Location

In the table below, <user> indicates the username of the computer account which installed the Imatest software.

Operating System

Default INI Folder location




/Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Imatest

Linux (Ubuntu)


 **AppData is a hidden folder by default. Please follow these instructions to make it visible.

Finding the Default INI Folder in Master

By default for each of the operating systems listed above, these folder locations are hidden and thus may be a little hard to navigate to in a file browser.

If you are using Imatest Master, one easy way to find this folder location is with the INI > Open INI File Folder menu selection.

(Note: this only works if you have not re-directed Imatest to point to another INI file in a different folder. If you have, use the main window INI File > Select INI File… menu selection to reset to default location first.)

Folder Contents