DNG files: Adobe DNG SDK Integration and direct read improvements

New Capability in 24.1 Beta

Imatest has added direct read capabilities for reading in raw data from non-standard bit depth DNG files. Previously, direct read options only supported 8- and 16-bit DNG  files. Users can now use the existing direct read options in the DNG Read Method dropdown to read in 10, 12, 14, and other bit depth images. 


Imatest has also incorporated the Adobe DNG dng_validate tool for reading and processing DNGs according to DNG standard specification.  Instructions for using this feature are below.

In the New UI Settings Menu


Go to the setting menu



Go to the File I/O settings



From the DNG (Adobe Digital Negative) file reading dropdown, select “Process DNG files using Adobe dng_validate tool” to use the new Adobe DNG SDK for processing. Select either of the direct read options to read raw data (unprocessed) from a DNG file. 


Save settings, and then select images for analysis and analyze as usual 


In Classic / Legacy Settings


Go to legacy settings:


Select Options II to open the Classic Options II window



 Select the “Process DNG files using dng_validate tool” from the dropdown options for DNG file reading, or one of the direct read options to read in raw, unprocessed data from a DNG file. 


Click okay and proceed with image selection and analysis