Problem Starting Imatest after Installation

Symptoms of the problem:

After installation, upon attempting to start Imatest, nothing happens.  

Running using diagnostic mode, or from a command window may show an error similar to this:

Previously accessible file “C:\Program Files\Imatest\Master\imatest_mcr\imatest\
startup.m” is now inaccessible.
Error:Error in mclFreeStackTrace.

Sources of the problem:

  • Inability for Imatest to write to the program files folder, such as: C:\Program Files (x86)\Imatest\v4.0\Master\imatest_mcr\

  • Anti virus can block Imatest and it’s installer from writing files to the above location.  ESET is a particular brand of anti-virus that has been known to cause this.

  • Systems that have Java disabled by their administrative group policies

Potential Solutions:

  • Disabling Anti-virus during Installation or during the first run

  • Running Imatest as Administrator

  • Correcting the administrative policy blocking Java, or moving to a system without that policy

Solution for Imatest IT:

  • Delete the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\%USERNAME%\mcrCache8.1 folder then re-run the test