-3087: Error in identifying computer


The -3087 error indicates our licensing library is unable to determine the hard drive serial number of your machine.

This lack of hard drives can occur for virtual machines or containers if the virtualization vendor doesn't provide a method to set a hard drive serial number.

This error can cause the “Could not initialize the License Manager: -1" error to be thrown as well.


If possible, please ensure that your VM or remote desktop is producing a hard drive serial number. 

One way to find out your hard drive serial number information is to open a terminal and run: sudo lsblk --raw -o name, type, serial. Further instructions for VMWare ESXi are included below.

Solution on a  VMWare ESXi Guest OS:

When VMWare ESXI creates a virtual machine hard drive, it does not always enable the setting to pass the hard drive serial number through to the guest OS. This prevents Nalpeiron from being able to identify the computer and the -3087 error code is returned.

How to check if the hard drive serial number is not available:


  1. Open a terminal window

  2. Run
    udevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/sda | grep ID_SERIAL

  3. If nothing is returned, then the guest OS does not have a hard drive serial number


  1. Open a command window

  2. Run
    wmic diskdrive get SerialNumber

  3. If the the SerialNumber is empty, the guest OS does not have a hard drive serial number

How to enable the hard drive serial number:

  1. Shutdown the guest OS (the virtual machine)

  2. Login to the local instance of VMWare ESXi

  3. Go to the page for the virtual machine and click 'Edit'

  4. In the dialog that appears go to the VM Options tab, then expand the Advanced tree node and in the Configuration Parameters section, click the Edit Configuration ... button.

  5. In the dialog that appears, click Add and add a parameter named disk.EnableUUID with a value of TRUE.

  6. Save the changes.

  7. Start the guest OS/virtual machine.

  8. Check if the hard drive serial number is now available in the guest OS

If this solution does not work:

Please reach out to us with the error message you are seeing and let us know that you have already tried following these instructions.