Acquiring video from Analog sources

Imatest is integrated with the the MATLAB Image Acquisition toolbox and can acquire images from a multitude of analog frame grabbers. The following manufacturers provide frame grabbers that support a variety of standard and non-standard analog cameras including NTSC, PAL, RS-170, CCIR, and progressive scan. Please see vendor’s Web site for more details.

Frame grabbers will become part of the image processing pipeline, and therefore could either enhance or degrade the quality of the video signal.  Not all frame grabbers will behave the same.

Supported Frame Grabbers

BitFlow  – Alta-AN1, Alta-AN2, Alta-AN4

Data Translation – 3120, 3130 Series,  3152,  3152-LS,   3153, 3154, 3155 – requires drivers included with the Data Translation Omni CD version 2.2 or above

Matrox – CronosPlus, Helios XA, Helios eA, Meteor-II, Meteor-II/Standard, Morphis, Morphis QxT, Orion (Legacy), Solios eA, Solios XA, Vio, Genesis-LC, Corona-II, Meteor-II/Multi-Channel

National Instruments – PCI-1405, PCI-1407, PCI-1409, PCI-1410, PCI-1411, PXI-1407, PXI-1409, PXI-1411 – requires driver version 3.8.0 to use National Instruments hardware. Troubleshooting information

Teledyne DALSA – PC2-COMP Express, PC2-Vision Express, PC2-Vision, PC-RGB, PCVision, PCVisionPlus, Xcelera-AN LX1 Quad, X64-AN Quad – Requires either Imaging Sapera LT version 6.3 or 7.2, or Foundation Classes (IFC) version 5.8.