Imatest freezing on macOS for 2021.1 and prior


An issue has arisen on earlier releases of Imatest where common modules and utilities that formerly worked are now freezing. If this is the case on your machine, please try the solution below.


To resolve this issue, the code-signature for the version of libcudart.dylib needs to be updated. While this sounds complicated, it can be accomplished with a single terminal command. In order to run this command, you need to know the file path to the libcudart.dylib that comes with the MATLAB Runtime. The file paths for the most recent affected Imatest versions are in the table below:

Imatest version

library path

Imatest version

library path







If your Imatest version is not listed in the table above and you are experiencing the issue, then locate the file path to the copy of libcudart.<major number>.<minor number>.dylib in the version of the MATLAB Runtime that shipped with your Imatest version.

Once you know the file path, please perform the following steps on the mac on which you have installed Imatest:

  1. Open a terminal window

  2. Enter the following and then press `return`

    sudo codesign --deep -fs - <library path>

    where <library path> should be replaced with the library path from the table above. Please note the spaces surrounding the trailing -.

    For example, for Imatest 2021.1, you would run

    sudo codesign --deep -fs - /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v99/bin/maci64/libcudart.10.2.dylib


  3. [Optional] Verify that the library was successfully code-signed by running the following

    codesign --verbose --verify <library path>

    If the code-signing operation was successful, you should see output similar to

    codesign --verify --verbose /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v99/bin/maci64/libcudart.10.2.dylib /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v99/bin/maci64/libcudart.10.2.dylib: valid on disk /Applications/MATLAB/MATLAB_Runtime/v99/bin/maci64/libcudart.10.2.dylib: satisfies its Designated Requirement


  4. Start Imatest as normal and attempt the operation that previously froze.

If libcudart.10.2.dylib Does Not Exist (2020.2)

There are two things you can do to fix this:

  1. If you have the Matlab v97 runtime installed, it should include the same copy of this file that you need for v98. Copy-past this file from its folder within the v97 runtime directory to the same location in the v98 runtime directory.

    1. The file path given above for Imatest v2020.1 should be where you will find this file for the v97 runtime.

  2. If you do not have the Matlab v97 runtime installed, we recommend reinstalling the Matlab v98 runtime. The fresh install should include the file that is missing.


**If you are still experiencing difficulties after following these instructions, please contact


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